• Melissa Dain

    Melissa Dain

  • Melissa E Bilyeu

    Melissa E Bilyeu

  • Jessica Wooding

    Jessica Wooding

  • Brian Charniga

    Brian Charniga

  • Paulo Peres

    Paulo Peres

    Design Lead — XP Inc | business thinker, design strategy, books, humanity, smile. http://t.co/mqyvMh2K3k

  • Bart Zimny

    Bart Zimny

    Experience Design Director @digitalmckinsey | Former CEO at @VORM_lab | Building experiences in a blurring field of physical and digital world.

  • Emilie Mueller

    Emilie Mueller

    producer @ apple // runner • foodie • writer

  • Farid Sabitov

    Farid Sabitov

    DesignOps Enthusiast with more than 9 years of experience in Tech and Experience Design. Working with enterprise companies from Fortune 500 in EPAM.

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