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Setting up your Operations team up for strategic success.

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  1. First, to bring our functions of product design, design infra, comms design, user research, content design and operations…

Making sense of Operations in UX.

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Design Program Management within creative teams.

  • “I don’t know what my fellow designers are working on”
  • “How do I rally teams behind my work or insights?”
  • “How do I find X”
  • “Status, status, ugh status… why am I doing this again?”
  • “How often, when, and where do I need to share my work”
  • “How do I find time to explore and innovate with so many meetings”
  • “The PM keeps switching the priorities, how do I manage this?”

Adrienne Allnutt

Operations geek. Love passionate people & infectious ideas. Trying to make sense of this beautiful, chaotic world. Current: Design & Research Ops @ LinkedIn.

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